How to treat common cold Naturally

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There are two kinds of care, that could be taken with regards to common cold, one is preventive and other as it happened already.

As it comes to preventive care, it’s a scenario, where you start feeling it, either with few sneezes or cough within throat accompanied with uncomfortable feeling of ‘Again’  🙁

Listing some of very effective ways, I found in particular, it could be treated naturally without any kind of antibiotic or cough suppressant etc.

Preventive Care for common Cold

Suggested steps,  take warm water, add salt to it(half – one teaspoon in  a glass of water) and gargle, repeat it thrice in a day, one in morning, later in the day(afternoon) and one in night; before going for sleep.

Salt essentially removes excess water from inflamed tissues and also loosen mucus, remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat, quite a good cleanser.

If practiced before the actual cold started, it could even prevent cold from happening.

Treating common Cold

Below are suggested steps,

1) Drink plenty of water, better be it warm/Luke warm, so as it feel better

2) Same steps as explained in preventive care, i.e. in Warm water, add salt and gargle(deep to throat), thrice in a day, one in morning, later in the day(afternoon) and one in night; before going for sleep

3) Drink herbal tea(having combination of spices, that boost immune) or tea prepared with Tulsi leaves(as if available, Tulsi is  a herb with great medicinal properties)

4) Not for pregnant lady, however you can drink milk(warm) with turmeric powder(1/4 – 1/2 tablespoon) and little bit of ghee(clarified butter, this is to smoothen throat) added before going to bed and relieves from cough/cold.

Turmeric :-  Turmeric powder has wide variety of usage, it possess lot of medicinal properties(as herb), used in food, dye etc. If you don’t have any medical complication it could be taken safely, else suggested to refer if it could be used in specific scenario.

If you cannot intake dairy product, you can warm the water, add bit of salt, ghee and 1/4 – 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water, if a glass of water is too much, make it half and adjust quantity of ingredients accordingly.

Please note, Ghee which is prepared from butter, don’t have any dairy/lactic properties, as it’s called purified butter, prepared after further processing of butter, hence it’s safe for use for people, who can’t ingest dairy products.

Aforementioned step i.e. 4, smoothens throat with ghee and salt there, hence if you are coughing too much, whether it’s wet or dry, it’s really helpful and turmeric is warm in nature, hence it helps in thickening and loosing of mucus, hence it’s get out easily, adding to comfort and cure in a very natural way 🙂

With above all, take plenty of rest, apply Vicks or similar ointment on chest, back, head and near nose, when you go for sleep or take rest.



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